“I find O Nutricia’s Collagen Peptides essential in my practice and my patients love the product. The Collagen powder dissolves readily and is palatable at high dosages, helping hair growth, skin moisture and nail strength within 6 weeks use. In inflammatory arthritic conditions I have seen an improvement in joint mobility and flexibility as well as an improved sense of well being. The high proline amino acid content helps to build flexible and strong cartilage. My irritable bowel syndrome patients, many suffering with leaky GUT syndrome as well, report an immediate improvement with the use of the O Nutricia collagen peptides”. – Dr Leon Strauss



“Thanks so much for my collagen 🙂 Since using O Nutricia, I have noticed (and so have my friends) the big frown lines that I had between my eyes have gone down completely. My skin also seems to be smoother looking. I no longer have pain in my joints (hands and knees) and am able to run a bit without suffering for days afterwards. I can’t see myself ever stopping with something that clearly works for me” – Lucille Christiansen



“Started Banting Feb 2015 and lost 25kg to date. Went for operation in August 2015 to remove skin cancer in corner of nose/left eye. Decided to start using O’Nutricia collagen peptide capsules and powder in September 2015 and up to now have seen amazing results. Less pronounced fine lines, huge improvement in skin tone, elasticity and firmness and a lot smoother in texture. There is a marked improvement in the health of my nails and hair. My joint pain has disappeared; joints are much more lubricated and flexible. Although I have never had a lot of cellulite, the little I did have has improved. The products are tasteless and the powder dissolves well in hot and cold beverages. I love to add a heaped tablespoon of Collagen peptides powder to my first coffee each morning starting my day off right. It keeps me nourished until I have breakfast later in the morning.  Loving the positive effect of these products.” – Cathy Le Roux



“Morning, just want to tell you I am in love. I didn’t expect to see or feel any differences for the first month at least! My knees aren’t sore and I swear my face is looking better! I love O Nutricia Collagen!” – Caroline


“Since taking O Nutricia collagen, the arthritic achy pain in my fingers has gone. I thought it was probably coincidence, and not really doing anything so I didn’t take it with me recently when I went away for a week. By the end of that week my thumb had already started aching terribly. I started taking it again as soon as I got back, and the pain was gone in 2 days! O Nutricia Collagen is a must-have for arthritic pain and joint pain, and I have seen such improvements in my skin, hair and nails. I will never be without it again.” – Sam


“Lucy, I have been taking this for almost a week now and I cannot believe that I have lost that empty tummy hungry feeling. I am sure it is from the Collagen that I got from you as that is the only thing that has changed. I am delighted!” – Brenda Hutchinson


“O Nutricia collagen tablets are the best! I always order 3 months supply at a time so that my awesome looking skin doesn’t go without!!! And because it contains Vat C, haven’t had the flu since taking it; added bonus benefit.” – Alida


“I love your collagen! My dermatologist has noticed a remarkable improvement in my skin! Will be getting my repeat soon!” – Lynda


“I must tell you that my hair and nails have improved.  I would go for my acrylic nails. My nails were weak and would always break. Since taking O Nutricia collagen I’m finding them a lot stronger and they don’t break so easily. My hair has also become less dry. I’m loving the benefits of using O Nutricia.” – Jill


“My hair, skin and nails are just gorgeous. I love it and won’t go without it!!!” – Sharen


“I love making a shake with O Nutricia collagen! It helps to keep me full and I don’t feel hungry!” – Carol


“I’m a personal trainer and have been using O Nutricia collagen. My skin’s health has improved a lot!” – Marilyn


“My joints were always aching, since taking your collagen I don’t have pain anymore or stiffness.” – Margaret


My hair is growing and my nails too!  That’s after a month of using O Nutricia capsules” – Paula


I have suffered with colon issues for years. I’m feeling so much better with your collagen, Lucy! Thank you so much for all your help” – Jane


Thank you for all your advice, it’s working! I’m feeling the difference and people have noticed a change in my skin” – Lindiwe


“Amazing results! I’ve used your products for six months now and the results are amazing! My hair, nails and skin have improved” I’m even more regular now, which is a huge bonus for me” – Michelle


“My whole family is taking O Nutricia collagen and we love it. My dad suffers a lot from arthritis. He has been taking O Nutricia collagen and is feeling so much better. No more aches and pains. He says he feels softer, lol!” – Almeida family


“I have been using the collagen for about 2 months now. I think it is worth every cent. I have had a constant nagging pain in my toe for years. Worst at night. Since taking Collagen from Lucy, I am happy to say that I have not had pain. And unlike most natural products, It worked immediately. And an added bonus my skin is much better. I think the benefits of collagen speak for themselves once you have used it. I also forgot to add that my nails are growing beautifully which they haven’t since I had my girls.” – Natalie Bakos